Companies interested  in our product offer please register in our web page by click here. You can also create an account going directly to the tab COLLECTION and then to the tab CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
Next please sent us by mail documents of your company to verification. After a positive verification process (your taxpayer indentification number) you will get access to our picelist. 



You may place your order by our web page after log in or by email.
Make sure your order includes a product name, size and all company details necesarry for issuing an invoice a full shipping address.


Payments and shipping



For orders over 400 EUR we give 5% discount.

For orders over 800 EUR we give 10% discount.

For orders over 1200 EUR please contact us, we will negotiate prices.

Minimum order amount is 150 EURO.



All of our products are made in Poland from good quality materials.
All products are subject to quality control prior to being sold.



Lingerie is packed in elegant boxes available in seven sizes. Each box has picture of product being sent on top. 
Our characteristic logo and colour saturation will catch on eye definitely.



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